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Quality Operations Management


Ensure quality goals and objectives via a comprehensive set of functionality that helps define, standardize and manage quality procedures, including what to sample, how to sample, when and how often to sample, which sampling plans to use – while accounting to variations in equipment.


Reduction in the time spent to generate genealogy lookup and quality data for quality product release from 2.5 Hours to 10 Minutes

Regional Convenience Store producing 80% of the items they sell

Up to 25% decrease in product give away

Large Food Manufacturer

Key Capabilities

  • Dynamically generates and executes an individual quality sample plan for the specified product, process operation and equipment assigned when starting an work order

  • Automatically samples product and process quality data through integration with production equipment and instrumentation.

  • Enforces manual quality sampling procedures inline with work order execution and production progress.

  • Applies statistical process control on sampled data with real time alerts and notifications of rule and limit violations for fast corrective and preventive actions

  • Visualizes Quality in SPC Charts with indications of non conformance or drift which enables shop floor operators to keep quality under control.

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