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Correlate the production history with the flow of inventory and WIP history across the storage and production locations to keep track of product genealogy.



“The most important impact of MES was traceability, visibility, compliance, and data exchange between SAP.”

Source: Medium Enterprise Food Company (TechValidate)

“Process Nexus II has helped to solve this problem by reducing the quality traceability process time to only one minute. Without Process Nexus II, it would takes us more than four hours to complete one traceability report.”


Watcharapong Boonnam, quality assurance manager at F&N Diaries.

Key Capabilities

  • Captures all Work Order Execution Events (e.g. Status Change, Consumption, Production) at each Operation on a Process Route

  • Tracks inventory at storage locations and in the production process for raw material, WIP, semi finished and end products in each location in real time.

  • Provides an information model which allows to  track where each material or item is and was in the production process in minutes

  • Out of the box interactive genealogy reporting

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