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II Simulation

GPRO/II Process Engineering is a steady-state simulator that optimises plant performance by improving process design, operational analysis, and performing engineering studies

PRO/II Process Engineering performs rigorous mass and energy balances for processes

ranging from oil and gas separation to reactive distillation. 

Business Benefits


•Process Design

•Operational analysis

•Optimization of Process Configuration & Operation

Key Business Values:

•Eliminate Over-Design: Up to 50% Capex cost savings

•Op Cost Reductions: Up to 60% reductions

•Process Op Insight: digital twin increases yields, reduces  energy intensity, and 

  improves efficiency and reliability

•Unified Engineering – more workflow and efficiency savings in project execution costs

•EPC Engineering Teams


•>10,000 Active Users worldwide

•80% of Distillation Columns in the world

•Third Party Integrations (HTRI, Koch-Glitsch, OLI)

•Unified Engineering

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