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A digital twin is only as good as the data that comprises it. To combat risk, industrial leaders enlist 3D data capture technology to maintain an accurate as-is condition of the asset as continuous change occurs throughout the asset and operations lifecycle. AVEVA’s LFM point cloud management solutions help to break down the silos between engineering, project execution, and operations lifecycles by creating an accessible, detailed, and secure digital asset to enable data-rich value additions throughout your projects and operations lifecycle. Ensure the digital and physical representations are aligned to help you make informed decisions, reduce project rework, and improve safety on your most critical assets.

AVEVA LFM is an open, intelligent and collaborative solution for achieving a Trusted Living Pointcloud: a single and reliable dataset for a physical asset’s captured point cloud data. 

AVEVA LFM Key Principles



Import data from all common scan devices or point cloud data sources and integrate or export data into your choice of CAD solution. 



Create and integrate CAD objects into your data. Add information zoning, tagging and document linking to locations within the point cloud data. 



Share and visualise data globally from an accessible, secure and reliable source for your digital asset. 

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