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AVEVA PDMS™ is a datacentric, multi-discipline 3D

plant design solution. It has modules for the design

of equipment, piping, ducting, structure and cable

trays. Modelling is carried out using customerdefined

catalogues and specifications, in a fullcolour shaded 3D environment, with the support of tools that ensure a clash-free design.

A wide range of drawings, reports and Bills of Material can be produced directly from the 3D model, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Using PDMS, the logical model of a plant can be quickly and efficiently modelled into a full 3D design layout, where suitability and fit can all be tested in a virtual world, and the list of materials needed to construct the plant generated automatically.

Business Benefits


Reduced site rework


More effective use of globally

dispersed design teams

Maximised project quality

Minimised schedule times

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