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Operator Training Simulators (OTS) allow operators to train on a computer in an identical environment to the control room. AVEVA simulation and training tools provide in-depth process understanding through accurate simulation models of the plant that aid in process analysis and operator training. This provides safe and efficient operations that benefit the plant, the workers, the surrounding community and the overall profitability of the company.

Equip your Operators to Address Every Possible Operating Challenge


Validate Design

Design Verification and control and operability studies using Rigorous Dynamic Simulation Model to minimize capital expenditure.


Checkout Control

PLC, SIS and DCS control logic lesling verification and validation to reduce DCS costs and minimizee commissioning time


Operator Training

Operator training and certification for starup, shutdown and abnormal or emergency situations in a safe enviroment.


Performance Improvement

Enable operations staff to safely evaluaate new control strategies coptimize alarm management pre-tune advanced process control and optimize opeerational procedures.

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