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Performance Management



Provides Real-Time Visibility to Production Performance KPI’s (OEE) for machines and lines as well as reports and diagnostics and root-cause analysis of line performance and equipment utilization issues, including:

  • Equipment and Line Production results

  • Utilization by Equipment/Unit/Entity

  • Mean Time Between Failures, Mean Time to Repair

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"MES Performance coupled with New Belgium’s continuous improvement strategy, has increased our packaging line efficiency by 30%, saving us more than $400,000 annually in previously planned labor expenditures".


Joe Herrick, Packaging Systems Manager

Key Capabilities:

  • Monitor work order status and schedule adherence with visibility of current production results vs. planned production rate and duration.

  • Automatically determines the current line bottleneck by validating the line performance across multiple line equipment's.

  • Detect, Capture & View Utilization Events such as equipment downtime or short stoppages impacting equipment performance.

  • Provides automatic data collection through integration with control systems and the user interface for effective manual data collection and data reconciliation by operators and supervisors.

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