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A PIPEPHASETM Pipeline Network Design simulation software rigorously models steady-state multiphase flow in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems with the power and flexibility to model applications ranging from the sensitivity analysis of key parameters in a single well, to multi-year facilities planning studies for an entire field. PIPEPHASE Pipeline Network Design covers the complete range of fluids encountered in the petroleum industry, including single phase, black oil, and compositional mixtures. The program may also be applied to single component stream or CO2 injection networks.

Advanced modeling and simulation tools are essential in both developing your safety plan and in training your staff. Many leading pipeline operators have found the answer to their training needs in Pipeline Trainer. 

Business Value

  • Increased overall assetwide production

  • Improved well & flow line performance

  • Improved pipeline & facilities design

  • Integrated field development & planning

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Reduced capital costs

  • Increased engineering productivity

Industries Served

  • Petroleum exploration and production

  • Natural gas transmission

  • Utility networks

  • Complex downstream hydraulics


  • Oil and gas gathering networks

  • Natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Line sizing

  • Field planning & asset management studies

  • Steam injection networks

  • CO2 pipelines

  • Gaslift analysis

  • Heat transfer analysis for heavy oil pipelines

  • Hydrate prediction

  • Aviation fuel systems

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