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Benefits of a MES for Manufacturing Plant Operations

Manufacturing IT approach ( Information Technology) to digitial


The 3 core MES benefits,
each driving value and ROI:



•Cost, Productivity and Quality improvements through MES functionality


•Improved decision making competency and support through supply chain visibility  and reduced reporting latency


•Provides the data source for continuous improvement programs

AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System Capabilities


•Dispatching — The ability to dispatch work based on global instructions and planning from ERP, to meet resource availability, schedule requirements and capacity. (can be enhanced with APS)

•Production Execution — for managing the production process from order release to work in process (WIP) to finished goods, - ensuring that all process steps are performed in the correct order, on/by/with the correct resource.

•Resource Management:

•Equipment (state and utilisation management)

•Labor (tracking, certification management)

•Materials (plant inventory management) 

•Product Process Specification Management:

•Bill of material (BOM)/Recipe management

•Process/Procedure/Work instructions

•Tracking, Tracing and Genealogy — The ability to track where which material or item is and was in the production process. 

•In Line Quality Management - sample plan execution linked to the production process, SPC and notifications of non-conformance to trigger actions (CAPA)

•Data Collection and Operational Data Store for collecting data manually from end users or directly from equipment, or some combination.

•Reporting (templates) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for production and traceability reporting, KPI calculations, dashboard displays and root cause drill down analytics

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